What We Do

We have extensive knowledge in building, refurbishing and operating both single and double drum dryers. Unlike standard Drum Dryer manufacturers, we design our dryers to fit your specific product and application. We provide our customers with high quality service throughout the entire dehydrating process. Call today for a no obligation consultation with one of our experienced staff members. Begin realizing today how CDS can truly improve your drying process thus saving you money in a significant way and optimizing and increasing your drying capacities.

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Why Choose Us

CDS has 30+ years of research and development and with our Patent Pending Technology, we can customize your dryer for maximum efficiency, while simplifying the design. Increase your production capabilities and lower your operating costs with the help of our experienced staff.

CDS Pilot Plant

The Pilot Plant can be a valuable tool in developing and marketing your product.  We are capable of testing your product on single and double drum dryers.  Our pilot plant is a replica of a full-scale drum drying facility, from mixing and pumping to grinding and packaging, let us show you how your product would dry in production.  Please visit the Pilot Plant page of our website for more information.